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  • Early Intervention- Identification of early speech or language delay is a crucial piece of pediatric care and development. The goals of early intervention are prevention, remediation, and compensation to encourage and enhance functional communication.

  • Communication Strategies - When a young child needs a communication method, speech therapy techniques and baby sign can be a helpful tools to encourage communication with caregivers.

  • Autism- Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) often requires speech therapy services. MPMC can help with speech delays and social communication skills.

  • Tele-health and home based services available. 

Therapy Services​

- Speech Therapy

- Feeding Therapy

- Social Integration 

- Play Based Early Intervention

- Family Training

Scope of Practice

​- Articulation Disorders

- Receptive/ Expressive Disorders

- Oral-Motor Difficulties

- Feeding Difficulties

- Resonance/Voice Disorders

- Pronunciation Difficulties

- Communication Difficulties

-Pragmatic/ Social Difficulties


​At School 

- Direct observation in school setting​

- Collaborate with teachers on tasks​
- Develop techniques to communicate​
- Assist with program modification​
- Provide resources for school staff​

Articles & Resources
​Evaluation Services

- Speech and Language assessment

- Feeding and Sensory feeding assessment 

- Oral Motor/ Articulation assessments

Occupational Therapy​

Coming Soon! 


Now offering tele-health services!

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