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Vibrating Toothbrushes aren't just for Teeth!

One of the questions I ask at every evaluation is, "Does your kiddo resist hygiene activities?" If you struggle with tooth brushing time at home, you aren't alone.

There are a few things you can do to make that task a little more palatable for your little.

1. Show them the task and the tool. Give them some time to actually touch and manipulate their toothbrush. You wouldn't put something in your mouth that you couldn't safely touch and manipulate... why would you expect your kiddo to do anything different!?

2. Adjust your pressure. If your kiddo resists the brush when you are in control of it, adjust your pressure and try different ways of brushing. Communicate. Tell them where you are going to touch in their mouth before you touch. And, let the kiddo have a turn too!

3. Get a vibrating toothbrush or two. Most parents I speak to tell me that they have to do the actual job of cleaning their kiddo's teeth because little Suzy wants to just eat the toothpaste or bite on the bristles. We can create an incentive by getting a vibrating toothbrush for play! Little Suzy gets some water play time with her "special brush" if she will tolerate a couple of minutes of her parent brushing her teeth to clean them. We can also put a vibrating toothbrush in the toy box. Kids will explore the tool on their own, without the pressure of performance at the sink. Fringe benefit--- that brush will offer healthy oral motor stimulation which helps with oral motor awareness and development.

Hey, you can join in the fun too!! Get your own vibrating toothbrush and brush your teeth along side your kiddo! It's never too early to model those good habits.

Happy Holidays!

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