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The Comfort Zone

Most kiddos have that thing that comforts them... that pacifier, that old blanket with the corner that's always wrinkled, that one car he takes everywhere, that cup she needs to hold when she's tired. Comfort strategies are normal. We all have them! I know when I've had a long day, I want mine (blanket and ice cream while sitting on the couch... don't judge me). Point is, comfort is something we all need. Here's the line of demarcation for those of you who wonder when to start limiting that comfort activity: Is the comfort activity interrupting typical function? For example...if I had to carry my fluffy couch blanket to the grocery store to complete a normal task, then I might have a more difficult time shopping. I'd have one hand full of blanket at all times, and that may not be very functional seeing as I need to push a cart and pick out food. Getting my drift? Pick your battles, parents, but also take note if that comfort activity/ item gets in the way normal function (ex. Katy doesn't talk because she has that pacey all the time or Johnny can't put that car down to play with friends). Need more strategies? We got you!

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