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Digital Learning

Mom and Dads, don't worry, it's going to be okay.

With the Corona Virus 19 at large, people are recreating normal. Schooling is no exception. I've heard countless concerns from parents regarding this year's schooling platforms, how to set up schooling at home, and, especially, worries about how our special needs kiddos will get their IEP goals fulfilled.

Here are a few tips for setting up digital learning at home:

  1. Set up a space for learning. Yes, it's easiest to set all three kids up at the kitchen table, but I'm going to encourage a little re-arranging of the household furniture. Setting them all up in the same space used for eating, socializing with each other, and playing with their favorite color of play dough might not be the best choice. Maybe rearrange the dining room or formal living space for a more conducive environment. Pick a room in which the kids don't usually relax.

  2. Remove the fun stuff. Trying to work in the room that is full of items that are more stimulating than the work itself is torture. I mean really, if the tv is right there, why would I want to concentrate on a 3 page book report?

  3. Plan wiggle breaks! Even adults need trips to the water cooler at work... don't expect your child to sit still for hours... even half hours. Build in some activity, sign up for an online movement coach or plan those family dance breaks! It's important for little bodies to get that energy out!

You can do it, parents! YOU CAN! And, if you need a little coaching, book a session with us at MPMC Coaching! We can help!

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